Jet operations not feasible for airline


Samoa Airways will not survive if they invest in jet operations at the moment due to millions of debts incurred, says Interim Director, Fauoo Fatu Tielu in an interview with Radio Polynesia yesterday. 

He said the public wants low airfares and that is not feasible for the airline, especially with only one aircraft. 

“We cannot compete with the market with only one aircraft, and we cannot compete with Air New Zealand. “If we get a plane, drop our airfares, New Zealand will do the same and while they can absorb the cheap fares, Samoa Airways can’t in the state of finances the airline is in.

“Also the Government cannot afford to finance the jet operations,” said Fauo’o. 

He said at the moment there are four airlines that are servicing the international routes, to New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia. 

“There’s Fiji Airways, Qantas, Air NZ, and Virgin Blue,” said Fauoo. 

“The important thing is the reliability of service and the four airlines operating the international route are sufficient enough.”

As reported earlier, the airline accumulated debts up to $80 million tala.