Judge Talasa Atoa Saaga zeroed in on domestic violence laws with Police


The Ministry of Police and Prisons, Domestic Violence Unit held a workshop yesterday.

The event was attended by members of the Judiciary and Samoa Australia Police Partnership (SAPP) and the executive dialogue was on formalizing and reviewing the Family Violence Policy.

The workshop is set as an implementation stance of the family violence planning policy, which will be driven and administered by the Domestic Violence Unit. 

Guest Speaker and Spokesperson of the day, District Court Judge Talasa Atoa Saaga, during her remarks, empowered police officers to realize the impact they have once they fully understand their duties under the Family Safety Act 2013 which is enforced by SPPCS.

Judge Talasa further said the establishment of the Domestic Violence Unit will enable police officers to follow the law as it stands and give them the right to respond to victims.

Samoa Police, Prisons and Corrections Services, together with the Samoa Australia Police Partnership, acknowledge Judge Talasa Atoa Saaga for her invaluable contribution to the session and her ongoing support, as well as her effort in advocating the importance of the role played by DVU and its stand against domestic violence.