Justice Chief, Papalii John Taimalelagi Afele is a man on a mission


Repealing the Land and Titles Act 2020 and reviewing the Constitutional Amendment Act 2020 recently approved in Parliament, is one of the top priorities for Chief Executive Officer, Papalii John Taimalelagi Afele of the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration.

Reappointed to the CEO position last month after being sacked, by the previous administration in 2019 following a complaint about the removal of court documents and sexual claims made by a female staff of the MJCA, Papalii has been given a second chance and is a man on a mission. 

In an exclusive interview with Radio Polynesia, Papalii whose in New Zealand said that the Justice Chief’s role is to the Minister of Justice and Courts Administration as well a to the Chief Justice and the President of the LTC as the Registrar of the courts. 

“Also to the PSC for leadership and management of employees under the PS Act 2004 as well as the Ministry of Finance for compliance with Public Finance Management Act 2001.” 

He told Radio Polynesia top of his priorities is to repeal and Review LTC Act 2020 and the Constitutional amendment Act 2020 related to constitutional changes to the Judiciary as a whole.

Another issue under the Justice Chief’s microscope is the Lands Torrens Act 2008 and other legislations related to customary Lands.

“Further to conduct a thorough review of the Ministry organizational structure to cater for the current needs of the Judiciary and the public.

“Also to improve service delivery to the public through streamlining the processes, procedures, policies, and timeliness; improve the support and administration services to the Court and Judges and implement a Crime National Prevention Policy.” 

According to Papalii, he will also be looking at areas to achieve the overall strategic direction of the Ministry as a CEO/Registrar and as the Head of the Law and Justice Sector as identified in the Pathway for the Development of Samoa (PDS) 2021/22 – 2025/26; that is empowered legislations to achieve the integrity of Law and order maintained as well as efficiency and quality of legal services improved.