Justice Nelson zeroes in on importance of Samoa endorsing international conventions on cybercrime


Supreme Court Justice Vui Clarence Nelson zeroed in on the importance of international conventions which Samoa should endorse to ensure safer cyberspace usage for Samoa. 

He was referring to international treaties on crimes committed via the Internet. 

Justice Nelson made the remarks at the opening this morning of the Cyber Smart Samoa Week hosted by the Samoa Information Technology Association (SITA) the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in line with promoting awareness of cyber security and its importance. 

“Currently, Samoa hasn’t adopted these laws yet because we didn’t sign these international conventions with other nations hence why I urged the government today to consider doing so as it’s important for Samoa. 

“If we sign these conventions, we will receive numerous financial and technical assistance from European governments and secondly, we will receive a lot of assistance in methods and ways  to educate people better about cybercrime and ways to protect the public from cybercriminal activities, especially children.”

He said there are laws already in place but what we need is to put more emphasis on these laws. 

Also, the laws should go together with actions and training with the police sector, Ministry of Justice and Courts, and the public regarding the crimes and what they mean and cost like posting insulting words on Facebook which is simple but people do not know it is actually a crime so the public should understand these better especially our children in using the internet.