Justice Roma questions why court orders were not adhered


Supreme Court Justice, Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma has issued a warning against the Ministry of Police and Prisons to follow “court orders”.

This was made through the Attorney General’s office prosecutor yesterday during criminal mention after Justice Roma ordered the release of Ropati Malaefono Ropati on bail last week. However, during the criminal mention uncovered the defendant remained in the custody of the Police at Tanumalala.

In court, Justice Roma pointed out, that the defendant’s release on bail was granted last week, and there was no opposition from the prosecution.

After learning from the bench the defendant remains in custody, Justice Roma ordered the prosecution to look into why the defendant was not released as per orders of the court.

He also gave a reminder to the Police to follow court orders.

Ropati appeared in the Supreme Court on Monday for a bigamy charge in which he entered a guilty plea. His first legal wife who was the complainant was present in court during proceedings.

He then ordered the defendant be released immediately after the criminal mentioned yesterday. The defendant pleaded guilty to bigamy and Justice Roma scheduled sentencing on 7 July 2022 before Justice Tafaomalo Leilani Tuala-Warren.