Justice Tafaoimalo’s last day in office is 24 March, 2023


Supreme Court Justice Tafaoimalo Tologata Leilani, Tuala-Warren’s last day in the office is 24 March. Due to family obligations, her Honours has tendered her resignation letter to the Chief Justice. 

She confirmed this in response to questions from Radio Polynesia. Tafaoimalo was appointed as District Court Judge in 2013.

Last year Tafaoimalo, was one of the recipients recognised as one of the distinguished Alumni Awards from Waikato University, recognising their significant achievements and the contributions they made to their communities.

In 2005 she returned home to Samoa, and the welcome support of family, to work for with her brother in their law firm, Tuala & Tuala.

In 2008, she was appointed the first Executive Director of the Samoa Law Reform Commission.

Five years later, she was appointed judge of the District Court, and in doing so she became the second woman in Samoa appointed to the bench.

Tafaoimalo was asked to establish the Family Court and the Family Violence Court, the only court of its kind in the Pacific outside of New Zealand.” 

In 2016 Tuala-Warren left the Family Violence Court to become a Justice of the Supreme Court of Samoa where she deals with serious offences and constitutional cases.

In 2021, Tuala-Warren and her fellow Supreme Court judges were faced with a constitutional crisis during the Samoa election when two rival leaders were in a deadlock over who was the rightful prime minister, with a resolution found through the Supreme Court and through scrutiny of the constitution.