KLAS Taekwondo Club, Black Belt Grading 2023


KLAS Taekwondo congratulates the four students who received their 1st Dan Black belt last week on Thursday: three males and one female.

A significant achievement for KLAS Taekwondo Club, as we prepare to represent Samoa in the Pacific Games 2023 in November. After 4 years, the wait is finally over and the students were put to the test to level up from the red belt to black belt.

KLAS Taekwondo Head Instructor and former Samoa Olympian, Kaino Thomsen-Fuataga proudly conveyed the condition of Taekwondo in Samoa is in good shape and the journey of his students’ preparations for the upcoming Games are going well.

I was so proud to see our students do their best and throw everything out there, especially for that last test where they had to break boards using different techniques. It is not an easy thing to do. They’re actual boards used for building houses, so they are pretty solid.”

“Majority of them have been sitting on Red Belt for 2 – 3 years but they have grown enough as a person, as a martial artist, to be able to get to where they are today.”

During the grading, there were different tasks the students were graded on, from physical fitness, different taekwondo forms, knowledge of the Korean language and finishing off strong with the board breaking.