Latest from MET office on series of earthquakes around Manu’a Islands


The Samoa Meteorology Office continues to monitor underwater volcanic activities around Manu’a and in its latest report issued this morning noted that a series of small earthquakes between magnitudes of 2.0 and 3.6 on the Richter scale recorded in Apia are being registered from the vicinity of the Tutuila and Manu’a Islands Group.

This is at a distance of about 150 kilometres southeast of Apia in the last seven days, at a depth of about 10 kilometres.

“There is NO THREAT OF A TSUNAMI GENERATED from these earthquake events. However, the Meteorology Division is continuously monitoring these earthquake events for any volcanic eruption or a tsunami that may occur in the Manu’a Islands Group.”

The Met Office also issued its latest weather report, indicating the intensified high-pressure system located to the south of Tonga continues to direct strong winds, high swells as well as showers across Samoa.

Observations this morning show wave and swell heights of 4 metres with 35-45kph winds. Another surge of strong winds (45-55 kph) is expected to enter our region later today.

This strong wind surge warrants the upgrading of the wind Advisory into the Wind Warning. Therefore, Marine Warning, High Surf Advisory and a Coastal flood Advisory for Samoa remain in effect.

The general public and mariners are advised to take precautionary measures and stay updated with the latest severe weather information.

The potential impacts are rough seas with high surf and strong currents. Strong and gusty winds at times. Coastal inundation
and beach erosion. Heavy downpours with poor visibility, foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes
and ranges, pooling near roadsides and waterways.