Latest update from USGS on earthquake swarm around Manu’a islands


The earthquake swarm related to Taʻū Island continues. This is according to the latest statement issued by the US Geological Survey. 

“Activity has not changed significantly since yesterday’s daily update. The source location remains constant, telling us that the cause of the earthquakes has not shifted within the earth. “A team of seismologists are analyzing the earthquake data to narrow down where on Taʻū volcano the source is located. 

The American Samoa Emergency Operations Center did not receive any felt reports for the past 24 hours. However, the USGS seismic network detected 25 earthquakes that were large enough to be felt by people on the Manuʻa Islands.” 

According to the statement the largest event has a preliminary magnitude of three and occurred at 1:46 PM SST yesterday. Many small earthquakes undetectable by humans also continue.

“In the coming weeks, USGS staff will install Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to improve the Manuʻa Islands’ monitoring network.

“The GPS equipment will detect very slight movements of the ground. As a result, GPS data will help us better understand what is happening beneath the ground and provide more accurate hazard assessments.”