Liquor board revokes licenses for some companies over “breach” of liquor Act


As of Monday, 30 May 2022 more than 10 locally manufactured liquor companies’ licenses have been revoked by the Alcohol Control Board.

This was confirmed by the Chairman of the Liquor Board Tuala Iosefo Ponifasio and members in a public notice issued yesterday.

The revoking of the licenses follows an investigation by the Liquor Board after calls by members of the public and NGO’s to shut down the local manufacturing company producing Rover, in relation to the death of a man killed by his brother after a rover drinking session in April, in Savaii.

“With reference to our previous notices […] and following the Alcohol Control Board’s meeting 26 May, 2022 the public and alcohol licenses are hereby advised that pursuant to powers of the Board under the ACA 2020 the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol products are to be stopped immediately as the licenses of the manufacturers of these products have been canceled and no longer authorised to manufacturer, distribute and sell the following:

“All local manufacturer Vodka alcohol products (ethanol and rice-based including, Rover, Samu, Boom, Rice, King, Niu Vodka etc.,). “Olioli wine and Olioli alcoholic beverages and Talofa Plum Wine cocktails.”

The Board further made it clear the Sili and Moni beer remains suspended until further notice.

In March, Tuala said told Radio Polynesia there was evidence of methanol was found in some of the locally produced spirits. At that time, he said tests were conducted across the Country targeting local spirits.

He said the ethanal is used to clean the production equipment. Adding there is scientific evidence that methanal was found in not just rover but many other local spirits and they suspect the alcohol is tainted.