Local market survey for March, overall volume increased by 1 per cent


The monthly survey of Agricultural food supplies at the local markets by the Samoa Bureau of Statistics in March 2023 showed that overall volume increased by 1 per cent from February 2023.

This was due to the increases in the volume of some agricultural produce supplied to the markets such as ta’amu, head cabbage, tomato, Chinese cabbage and pumpkin. When compared to March 2022, the current supply fell 42 per cent.

The volume of taro supplied to the local markets in March 2023 fell 8 per cent to 3,942 kilograms from February 2023; a level that was 34 per cent lower than its supply in the same month last year. 

However, the supply of bananas fell 55 per cent (to 1,297 kilograms) from February 2023 while its average price went up by 12 per cent (to $1.47 per kilogram). According to the statistics, Coconut supplies at 3,796 kilograms decreased 7 per cent from February 2023 while weakened demand pushed its average price down by 11 per cent (to 0.80 per kilogram).

At an average of 17 kilograms, ta’amu supply in March 2023 increased by 36 per cent. Its average price was more than tripled (to $16.51 per kilogram) in price in the previous month.

The volume of breadfruit supply in March 2023 dropped 79 per cent (to 92 kilograms) from the previous month while limited availability led to the rise in average price by 63 per cent (to $1.72 per kilogram).