Local physician issues notice, relating to “chickenpox-like or varicella-like lesions”

Local physician Dr Esmay Ah Leong issued a notice pertaining to the “chickenpox-like or varicella-like lesions” after what she saw with her patients in the past week more so on Monday. 

Her public notice posted on her Facebook page follows the notice issued by the Ministry of Health this past weekend that confirmed the outbreak of chickenpox and Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. 

However, the local doctor said the Hand, Foot and Mouth diseases, are lesions and distribution are more aligned with eczema, particularly eczema herpeticum. 

“The lesions and the distribution are more aligned with eczema, particularly eczema herpeticum. Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HFMD) is a differential diagnosis but HFMD is commonly found at the said locations, in other words, it doesn’t disseminate like the present lesions in the patients I have seen and treated, where the lesions are mostly on the face and limbs and with torso distribution.
“These lesions are also raised and have umbilication or central dimples; HFMD lesions are flatter and smaller. The lesions are highly contagious and may appear 5-12 days after contact with an infected person.
“Secondary infections can lead to impetigo ( mumu asuafi) or cellulitis (mumu). The lesions are itchy and/or painful.
Proper nutrition is essential and hygiene is essential.”
The Doctor also urged the public if exposed, to seek a doctor  ASAP.