Local Researchers undergo violence against women workshop


The 30-member EVE Team, comprising of community leaders trained as local researchers, is currently participating in the first of six workshops, led by the Lead Researcher Dr. Jenevieve Mannell, as part of the Evidence for Violence prevention in the Extreme (EVE) project, themed ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt.’ 

Each of the six workshops has been specifically designed to equip the EVE Team with the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake six activities in their respective communities, aimed at preventing violence against women in the 10 selected communities.

These six workshop series will be conducted over a period of 12 months.

Since 2020, the EVE Team has been trained as local researchers and has been working closely with the Samoa Victim Support Group and Dr. Jenevieve to implement the project. The project has been ongoing for four years and is scheduled to conclude next year. 

The EVE Team was carefully selected from 10 different villages, demonstrating the project’s commitment to collaborating with the community to prevent violence against women.

The EVE project is being funded by University College London (UCL), and it aims to improve the evidence surrounding preventing violence against women. 

The project team is dedicated to working collaboratively with Samoa Communities and organizations such as SVSG to develop culturally appropriate solutions that effectively prevent violence against women.

According to the SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang, SVSG is looking forward to the outcome of the research study and how the 10 selected communities will address violence against women in their own local context.