Logoipuali’i Youth Group, commends actions by liquor board


The Logoipuali’i Youth Group has commended the recent move by the Liquor Control Board for banning the importation of ethanol.

The ban follows public calls by the youth group and the court to ban locally produced spirits, says the LYG in a statement issued.

Last week, Chairman of the Liquor Board, Deputy Prime Minister Tuala Iosefo Ponifasio confirmed that scientific evidence found methanol in almost all the locally produced spirits.

This led the move by the Liquor Board to ban the importation of ethanol for a period of six months.

The investigation by the Liquor Board follows calls by members of the public and NGO’s to shut down the locally manufacture company producing Rover, following the death of a man killed by his brother after a rover drinking sessions last month in Savaii

The Youth Group said they are grateful that action has been initiated, and putting a stop on importation and further investigations undertaken by a specially convened Task Force.

Although the ban by the Liquor Board is for 6 months, this should give the Board sufficient time to consult with emergency services, manufacturers and other community groups and to develop an effective long term strategy.