MAF launches three reports

At the ceremony to celebrate World Food Day, the Ministry of Fisheries launched three reports.
Minister Laauli Leauatea Schmidt said there are three reports, firstly, the rebranding and localization of the 2 giant taro (taamu) varieties, from Ta’amu Toga to Ta’amu Samoa and the Ta’amu Niu Kini to Ta’amu Salafai.
“The rebranding is in-line with the drive to promote and diversify our exports under our slogan “Buy Samoan Made”.
“Secondly, the Samoa Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy 2022 – 2032.
“This policy sets the fishery agenda for the Government, private sector, non- government organisations, donors, other stakeholders and partners with a clear vision for Samoan fisheries, and the course that will be steered to achieve its vision.
“The policy was developed with input from all key stakeholders through a comprehensive consultative process. This work was funded by the World Bank through our SAFPROM project.”
The last report to be launched was the Citrus Export Plan.
“This plan will enable Samoa to successfully export citrus to New Zealand. It highlights all the necessary phytosanitary requirements and measures to be followed by all citrus exporters. Technical and financial support for the development of the export plan was funded by the Government of New Zealand through the Ministry of Primary Industries.” 
Laauli concluded by acknowledging all their stakeholders and development partners from the private sector, NGOs, donors, and regional and international organisations, for their continuous support towards our agriculture and fisheries initiatives and efforts.
“A special acknowledgement is extended to the FAO Sub-Regional Office for the Pacific, for the financial assistance, that has made this celebration a successful event.”