MAF update on MGP activities under the SAFPROM Project

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries wishes to update the public on the progress of the Matching Grant Program (“MGP”) activities under the SAFPROM Project.
In a statement issued, confirms the MGP is still actively progressing providing support to farmers and fishers in Upolu, Savaii and Manono.
“The windows 1 applications consisting of subsistence, semi-subsistence and semi-commercial farmers and fishers, closed in June 2020.
“All of the eligible beneficiaries in Savaii have received their approved goods and services. We are currently progressing the distribution of goods and services for beneficiaries in Upolu and Manono, with the final verification process for the remaining beneficiaries.
“The windows 2 applications consisting of commercial farmers and fishers’ associations, were due in April 2022 and further extended to June 2022, these applications will undergo vigorous screening process to ensure the proposals meet the eligible criteria established with the donor partners.”
According to the agreed funding allocations for windows 1 and windows 2, the eligible beneficiaries’ numbers have been met. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is no longer accepting additional proposals at this time.