MAF warns cargo of animal and plant products must have import permit

The Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture has issued a stern warning that cargo of animal and plant products without an Import Permit, Health Certificate,/Phytosanitary Certificate will not be accepted at the port of entry. Also, undeclared items could be seized by authorities. 
Quarantine officials of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture conducted a procedural inspection of goods arriving at Matautu Wharf that resulted in the seizure of items such as animal products and plant products.
A statement issued by MAF noted that items were seized due to the absence of an Import Permit, originating from a high-risk country.
“It is important to be aware of the procedures in place and the required documents for importing agricultural goods into Samoa. “Goods may be seized and disposed of if prohibited, posing a risk or without the proper documentation.
“Such items may be a direct pathway for unwanted pests and diseases to enter our borders if undetected.” The Samoa Quarantine also warned Travellers to declare any risk good they bring into the country, whether by air or sea.
“Failure to declare such items could result in seizure of items, treatment or destruction.” They urge to help quarantine in their duties to 
save Samoa from unwanted pests and disease