Maintenance road works in Savai’i underway


There are several road work projects underway in Savai’i at the moment and its overseen by the Land Transport Authority.

This was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer of the LTA, Galuemalemana Titi Tutuvanu-Schwalger in response to questions from Radio Polynesia.

“The road sealing works that were carried out on sections of the road in Savaii is part of LTA’s routine maintenance works to reconstruct sections of road that are beyond maintenance. For the Satupaitea works, Salafai Construction is the contractor.” 

Galumalemana did not specify how much was the budget allocated for the projects in Savaii.

Other villages getting a facelift the road works are Fa’ala Palauli, Lalomalava, and Salelologa. The construction companies are Apia Lua Construction, OTT construction and FICO Construction. Last year Cabinet approved the above-mentioned road work for Savaii.

This was confirmed in its quarterly report under the financial year 2020-2021 outlined in the Ministry of Public Enterprises reports.