Man charged with murder in deadly shooting in Savaii


The suspect behind the deadly shooting in Savaii of a man and his son has been charged with two counts of murder. 

This was confirmed by Acting Police Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Keti in response to questions from Radio Polynesia. 

As first reported last night, the shooting incident in Fogapoa Savaii yesterday evening, left a man and his son dead. 

Papalii said the lives lost were a result of a land dispute.

Adding that after the incident the accused turned himself in to the Police in Savaii. 

He has been charged with murder. “And he will be transferred to the Police Headquarters in Apia,” said Papalii. 

Adding the accused will be accompanied by the Criminal Investigation Division Officers that went to Savaii this morning.”

The victim in this matter is a man in his 60s and his son is 18 years old.