Man jailed in manslaughter case


Jerry Lau Pepese also known as Jerry Maiava of Lotofaga Safata has been sentenced to four years for manslaughter. 

The incident occurred in Lotofaga two years ago.  Sentencing, in this case, was handed down by Justice Leiataualesa Daryl Clarke recently. 

According to the amended summary of facts, the defendant’s father had been informed by family members that Jerry was using marijuana again. 

This upset the defendant who walked to the victim’s house to look for the victim’s brother. The defendant and the victim got into a verbal argument and he struck the victim with an oso or a large tree stem three times. The victim died as a result.

The post-mortem noted the cause of death as blunt force injury to the head. 

The charge of manslaughter is a very serious charge carrying a maximum penalty of up to life imprisonment. The Defendant became angry and then attacked the victim with a oso. As a result, the victim died and his children are now without a father. 

“The quick turn to anger and violence by men, too common in our community, results in many avoidable deaths.

“This was an act of violence initiated by the Defendant as the victim was leaving, carried out in a domestic relationship using a weapon striking the victim 3 times, the consequences of which resulted in severe head injury.

“Accordingly, the Defendant is convicted and sentenced on the charge of manslaughter to 4 years imprisonment, less time in remanded in custody.”