Man killed in a shark attack in Savai’i


A 41-year-old man was killed in a shark attack on Sunday evening when he swam to pull the dead risso dolphin to shore as it started to give a foul odor in Lano, Savaii. 

As first reported by Radio Polynesia, the dolphin was first seen in Asaga and then floated to Lano. 

People in the village confirmed that Amoni Malaeulu, a fisherman, was asked to pull the dolphin out to sea. The dolphin had wounds and was leaving a trail of blood while being dragged out by Amoni, and this, according to witnesses, attracted sharks. 

Lano people, along with families of Amoni were at the shore watching as the fisherman was dragging out the dolphin; when sharks attacked him. According to witnesses, several sharks attacked Amoni. 

People from the village got into their alia to help bring Amoni to shore. Amoni was taken to the hospital in Tuasivi, but his wounds were too severe. 

Amoni leaves behind a wife and five children—our condolences to the grieving family for the loss of their loved one.