Man who bit off his wife’s left ear helix in a domestic dispute sentenced to jail


A man who bit off his wife’s left ear helix in a domestic violence incident has been sentenced to four years in jail.  The 47-year-old male of Fasitoo-uta was recently sentenced before his Honors Chief Justice Satui Simativa Perese. 

Radio Polynesia has opted not to name the defendant to protect the victim’s identity. 

The Chief Justice noted that this is a severe domestic offense. It was unprovoked, senseless, vicious. It involved extreme violence, and there is permanent physical disfiguration.

The Police report notes that in May this year, the defendant arrived home intoxicated and assaulted his wife unprovoked. The woman cried out for help, and the neighbors intervened and took the woman to the hospital, and the matter was referred to the Police. 

The prosecution, during sentencing, pointed out the aggravating such as extreme violence, serious injuries, attacking the victim’s head, vulnerability of the victim, and the domestic relationship. His Honours noted the defendant, a father of five, is entitled to any discount that may be available for an early guilty plea.

However, Perese pointed out that it’s clear to him this is very much of the top end of the offending and adopted the starting point of eight years, bearing in mind the maximum for this type of offending is ten (10) years. He said a steadfast message needs to be sent to the community that this type of domestic abuse is unacceptable.

While his family will face severe financial hardship, the defendant’s behavior is “despicable and cowardly,” beating his wife and then biting and tearing off her left ear helix. 

This type of behaviour is unlawful. It is criminal, and this Court will not tolerate it nor should it be tolerated by his wife and children in the fullness of time.