Man who raped his daughter sentenced to eight years in jail


A man convicted of sexual violation by raping his daughter has been sentenced to eight years in jail. 

Sentencing was handed down by Supreme Court Justice Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma and its outlined in his sentencing judgement recently released.

“The interim Order issued to suppress the publication of the names and village of the victim and defendant given their close familial relationship is made permanent. The Order is made for the protection of the victim.”

“The offending occurred sometime between September 2018 and January 2020. The victim, your biological daughter and then 14 years of age were watching TV at the neighbour’s house and when she arrived home when the sexual violation occurred, while the defendant was under the influence of alcohol. 

The victim is now 18 years of age and cannot believe that her own father would do such a thing to her.”

The victim’s impact report indicated the defendant never apologised for his actions and at the hearing where she saw you next since the incident was reported, you told her to change her story.

Justice Roma says the aggravating factor is that the defendant’s duty was to protect his daughter, not violate her. Also cited is the age difference of 34 years. 

Furthermore, Justice Roma states the defendant’s wife sought the court’s leniency and that the court received testimonials from his church Minister, the village mayor and matai of your family on his contribution and service and the defence counsel submitted the defendant is “genuinely remorse”. 

However His honours did not believe it, noting there was no confirmation of an apology or reconciliation but, he tried to influence the victim to change her story. 

“It shows your lack of respect for the victim and justice system, and obviously lack of remorse.”