Matagialalua Friendship Park Temporarily Closed for Public Safety


In response to heightened sea conditions, the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) has announced the temporary closure of Matagialalua Friendship Park until further notice. The decision comes as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of visitors in light of the current high tide and waves affecting the area.

The closure, effective immediately, aims to mitigate potential risks posed by the adverse weather conditions. The Samoa Tourism Authority emphasizes that the safety and well- being of visitors are their top priorities.

The Samoa Tourism Authority will continue to monitor the situation closely, and updates regarding the reopening of Matagialalua Friendship Park will be provided as conditions improve. Visitors are encouraged to stay informed about the status of the park through official channels and adhere to any safety advisories issued by the authorities.

As the situation unfolds, the Samoa Tourism Authority remains committed to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all visitors to Samoa renowned attractions.