MCIL host validation Workshop on Job-Seekers Services

A Validation Workshop on Job-Seekers Services (JSS) was held this past week to ensure the newly formulated JSS is fully utilized by the users, job seekers, and stakeholders.
The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Labour (MCIL) with technical support from the Bitsolution Company and funded by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).
The event is one of the many initiatives by the Government through MCIL and the continued partnership with the private sector and the business community.
The statement issued says the workshop was to gauge the views and feedback from private employers, users, and stakeholders that will be utilizing this crucial service.
“The JSS will also enhance knowledge and promote awareness of employers and job seekers, to ensure the effective utilization of the system.
“This will increase the employability of our locals and at the same time generates employment opportunities in both local and overseas markets. In addition, the aim of this workshop was to familiarize stakeholders, users, and job seekers in using the new platform to advertise vacancies within their workplaces, and be able to engage with jobseekers online (direct application).”
This will allow MCIL to record accurate information and statistics on employment services.
The Ministry has facilitated an online Employment Service for some years now as part of its core functions. This experience has illustrated the importance of upgrading and improving the jobseeker’s system.
“Up-to-date digital platforms will enhance our effectiveness in carrying out some of our services digitally given the challenges posed by COVID19.”