MCR ACEO fined and warned, the day before his three-year contract ended


The Ministry of Customs and Revenue ACEO Alvin Onesemo’s was fined $1,000 and warned by the Cabinet, the day before his three year contract ended.

Onesemo was accused of releasing a container to his family member, who is now a Cabinet Minister without proper paperwork.

Oneseo has been suspended from work since last year, pending the PSC investigation.

He was faced with four PSC charges of under the PSC Act under section 19 subsection a, b, d and f including alleged dishonesty and impartial; not working diligently; not comply with all laws and not disclosing steps to avoid conflict of interest.

Onesemo denied all the PSC charges.

Minister of Customs and Revenue, Deputy Prime Minister Tuala Iosefo Ponofasio told Radio Polynesia ACEO in question was fined and also given a final warning, but he was also afforded to the opportunity to re-apply for his position.

He said the PSC investigation underwent for seven month and they recommended the fine and final warning.

“But his contract ended on 3rd of March and so he’s been given the opportunity to reapply to the PSC process,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Cabinet Directive dated 2 March, 2022 obtained by Radio Polynesia indicated that Cabinet deliberated on this matter and opted the ACEO for Border Operations Onesemo to be given a final warning and fine $1000 to be deducted from his salary to the Ministry of Finance.

Copied on the FK were the Deputy Prime Minister; Minister of Finance and the CEO of Finance.