MCR CEO position re-advertised by PSC


The Ministry of Customs and Revenue’s Chief Executive Officer position has been re-advertised by the Public Service Commission. 

The post was vacant from November 2021 and in February 2022 Cabinet ended the contract extension for then CEO Matafeo Avalisa Viali-Fautualii while the Public Service Commission carried out its normal hiring process for the lead role. 

Fourteen months later the MCR continues to operate with Assistant Chief Executive officers rotating as CEO’s. 

In August, 2022 the said position was put on hold following directives from Cabinet relating to proposed reform changes to the Customs and Revenue functions, as stand-alone agencies.

As reported in June of last year,  the MCR issued an Express of Interest for Human Resource Consultancy Services to provide Technical Analysis and Evaluation in Facilitating the Proposed separation of the Ministry of Customs and Revenue.

As endorsed by Cabinet (FK(22) 03).

“The planned government reform to separate the current Ministry of Customs and Revenue to establish two separate government bodies is an initiative to increase efficiency in service delivery as well as creating effective measures to foster innovative methods to increase economic benefits.

“The consulting service will provide technical assistance and support on the development and implementation of proposed organisational structures for the new entities including provisions of providing support for human resource management assessment and planning.

According to the PSC’s advertisement, the CEO position for the Ministry of Customs and Revenue is due on 3 February 2023 and the previous need not reapply. 

The salary for CEO positions ranges between $121,000 to $125,000.