MESC preps for new school year


Preparations for the reopening of schools are well underway as MESC prepares it’s frontliners for the task ahead for this calendar year. 

New teachers and principals were given a reassuring nudge from the Ministry through the provision of a weeklong mentoring program that is being held at the Arts and Culture Center.

In his welcoming remarks the CEO of the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture A’e’au Christopher Hazelman reiterated on the importance of the role and services of all teachers whether it be a Primary School Teacher or a College Teacher. 

A’e’au urged the participants to always look for the positive, make a habit of doing it now because a teacher begins his or her school work right from February to December, develop an attitude of gratitude and always be thankful for they should consider being blessed to be teachers as parents rely on them to educate their children. 

The CEO was a teacher himself for more than 30 years and he did not mince words when giving advice to the new teachers saying the ministry needs them now. They are the back bone of the ministry and despite the many challenges they should do their best and must be willing to serve wholeheartedly. 

Discussions today are being divided into groups which will focus on: 

1. Time management, classroom organization and extra curricula activities.

2. Work ethics, dress code, PSC values, rules and regulations and school culture, motivation, social media/technologies, communication.

3. Assessment strategies, assessment for learning, formative and summative assessments. 

4. Model effective teaching, strategies to improve students’ achievements. 

The mentoring program for the new teachers based on theme: Team Work builds excellence.