MESC staff questions delay in hiring of CEO


It has been five months since Cabinet abruptly terminated the extension of the contract for the former Chief Executive of the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture, Afamasaga Dr. Karoline Fuata’i, and the Ministry has been rotating Acting CEO’s. 

MESC staff are questioning the delay in appointing a Chief Executive officer for the Ministry. 

Emails for comments sent to the Chair of the Public Service Commissioner, Lauano Vaosa Epa were not answered as of press time. 

Afamasaga’s contract ended in early February, however, it was extended for another six months while the Public Service Commission conducts the normal process for advertising the CEO position.

The same month PSC advertised the position and in an interview with the media on the day Afamasaga exited the Ministry said, she was shocked that the CEO position was advertised so “quickly”. 

Afamasaga’s contract was terminated after putting out a public notice that contradicted the announcement by the Prime Minister for re-opening of schools back in February.