MET office confirms a “meteorological drought” is currently in place


Samoa Meteorological Division has confirmed that a “meteorological drought” is currently in place. 

There is a medium chance of experiencing very dry conditions throughout the country as per readings/predictions from monitoring stations.

The met office today indicated that they issued an Early Action Rainfall (EAR) in November 2022. 

This Early Action Rainfall Watch summarizes an analysis of rainfall conditions for the upcoming months for Samoa. 

Yesterday the Samoa Water Scheme Association cautioned that over the course of the last twelve months, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment through the Meteorology division recorded a significant drop in accumulated rainfall totals below its normal for most parts of the country. 

“As a result, we have experienced a significant reduction in groundwater recharge surface water flow and water availability 

“Based on the last outlook from the Samoa Meteorology office there is a good probability that Samoa Island shall experience similar or deteriorating conditions in the next 3 months (Dec-Feb 2023) therefore our water sources will continue to be affected 

“Water is our most precious resourced and we all need to do our part to conserve an adequate water supply every drop counts.” 

They encourage everyone to adopt the following date conservation practices.