Minister calls on more preventative measure, rather than dialysis treatment


Minister of Finance, Mulipola Anarosa Ale Molioo has challenged the government to not to purchase any new dialysis machines but rather Samoa should change their mindset and focus on being healthy. 

In Parliament this week, Mulipola says she does not agree with building another National Kidney Foundation around the country or purchasing more dialysis machines. 

“It reflects poor health and management in the country and indicates Samoa’s acceptance that more and more patients will need dialysis treatments.

“The Minister then urged Members to consider the root causes of the issue (kidney failure) and initiate preventative measures.”

Mulipola says the theme message from an Early Childhood Development she attended in Fiji by Children notes: “Less Talk – We need More Action”. 

The Minister of Finance further urged Members of Parliament to make a commitment to themselves not to use a dialysis machine and pleaded to the Minister of Health not to bring in any more dialysis machines. 

In this regard, she challenged the Minister of Health and Parliament to preventative action and to refrain from bringing in more dialysis machines and setting up more Dialysis facilities as the cure to this disease is in our hands.