Minister conducts site visit at Fagalii Airport


Today Minister of Public Enterprises Leatinuu Wayne Sooialo and Minister of Works Transport and Infrastructure conducted a site visit to the Ministry of Police and Prisons Traffic site, formerly known as the Fagalii Airport. 

In a public post on social media, the Minister said the airport “will open soon”.  However, it’s unclear as to the exact date as efforts to get comments from Leatinuu were unsucessful. 

“Site visit to Fagalii Airport with the Minister of MWTI, CEO of SAA, MWTI, LTA, and MPE, this Airport is the key to Samoa Airways’ daily operations between the two Samoas. Not only for the airline but for our people as well,” said the Minister.

Last week, Minister Olo confirmed the re-opening of the Fagalii airport, as it was one of the issues the American Samoa Government discussed with the Government of Samoa during the Atoa o Samoa talks and the territory calls for the re-opening of Fagalii as its closer to town versus landing at the Faleolo International Airport. 

Fagailii was closed down several years ago and was taken over by the Ministry of Police and Prisons for its traffic division.