Minister hails Atoa-o-Samoa talks a “success”


Minister of Works Transport and Infrastructure Olo Fiti Vaai, hails the 2Samoa Talks now called the Atoa-o-Samoa or Oneness of Samoa a successful event. 

He said it was discovered the past “talks, were just that, talks with nothing to show for, from the communique agreements that were signed by the previous administrations both from Samoa and American Samoa.” 

Olo told Radio Polynesia a number of issues were proposed and accepted on both ends, but more meetings are required to finalize “agreements” in areas relevant to the Ministries under his portfolio, such as the Ministry of Works, Transport, and Infrastructure, including the Samoa Shipping Corporation, Samoa Airport Authority, and Land Transport Authority. 

He also acknowledged that both administrations are new and therefore hoping to not just hold “talks” but also to put their objectives into action to benefit the two Governments. 

One of the concerns raised, is the number of construction companies from Samoa looking at establishing businesses in American Samoa, the Minister said. 

“Any company from Samoa that is looking at establishing a business in American Samoa will have to go through his Ministry, for a recommendation, with that, the business cannot apply for a license to operate in the territory.”

Another issue cited by the Minister was the re-opening of the Fagalii airport, which will happen soon, but it has to go through Cabinet for approval. 

This is one of the issues the American Samoa Government was keen on, is re-opening of Fagalii as its close to town versus landing at the Faleolo International Airport. 

Fagailii was closed down several years ago and was taken over by the Ministry of Police and Prisons for its traffic division.

It has been confirmed the two Governments will meet again in September, this time Samoa will host the American Samoa Government.