Ministry of Health holds debriefing on Covid-19


The Ministry of Health is conducting training to improve Samoa’s readiness and preparedness for future pandemics. 

A statement issued indicated that it’s been more than 3 years since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Wuhan China on the 7th of January 2019.  

Samoa had its first COVID-19 positive community case 2 years later in early 2022. 

Much of the planned priorities and activities were deviated/shifted as the Samoa Ministry of health as a primary provider of healthcare services focused on containing and efforts to manage the spread of the deadly virus.

With no pre-planned information on pandemics such as COVID-19, Samoa was proactive in its effort to develop its own strategies through various committees in ensuring Samoa was ready to receive COVID-19.

The Ministry conducted an internal Debriefing with the following Objectives.

  1. To identify challenges faced during the pandemic despite the many strategies put in place
  2. What were some of the learning outcomes from the experiences that we have been through
  3. Our way forward and how can we improve Samoa’s readiness and preparedness for future pandemics.