Miss Samoa Moemoana Safaatoa Schwenke from Savaii to Miss Pacific Islands, A Journey Beyond Pageantry


Miss Samoa Moemoana Safaatoa Schwenke sets her sights on the Miss Pacific Islands pageant, hosted by Nauru from January 28th to February 4th, 2024, she carries with her the spirit of Savaii, a deep connection to her roots, and a determination to make this pageant a celebration of history, culture, and the enduring legacy of Samoa.

In a heartwarming journey back to her roots, Miss Samoa Moemoana Safaatoa Schwenke has embarked on a quest that transcends the confines of a beauty pageant. From the enchanting landscapes of Savaii to the grand stage of the Miss Pacific Islands, Moemoana’s preparation has been steeped in the rich tapestry of Samoan history and culture.

“Over the past week, Moemoana immersed herself in the villages of Asau and Auala, gaining insights into the traditions and skills passed down by her ancestors. A journey she describes as a divine blessing, affirming her connection with the land and the purpose that led her to the Miss Samoa crown and now, to the Miss Pacific Islands Every time I go back to Savaii, I am reminded of how beautiful Samoa is and how the beauty is not only in the land, but the people match the same beauty,” Moemoana said.

The experience allowed her to spend time with her aunties, who are skilled weavers, learning the art and process of creating traditional garments like the ie toga.

Her warrior spirit, inherited from her father, a renowned fire knife dancer and Co-Director of the Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts, Frederick Schwenke, ignited during special training in Tufutafoe. This village, steeped in Samoa history and legends, provided Moemoana with a spiritual experience connecting her to her ancestors and their enduring legacy.

Moemoana acknowledges the weight of the legacy passed down by her forebears We have big shoes to fill, and there’s a responsibility and a duty for us to pick that legacy and build on it and continue it, she expressed, highlighting that the pageant is more than a personal pursuit—it is a fight for the preservation of Samoan history and culture.

In a heartfelt video titled Taking You with Me Moemoana invites the people of Samoa to share in her journey, seeking their prayers and support as she sets sail to take part in the Miss Pacific Islands pageant. The clip highlights her training and experiences in Savaii, emphasizing her commitment to giving equal prominence to the people of Savaii.