MNRE collected $1.6 million in Gov leases for FY 2020-2021


An increase of $1 million tala was recorded in the financial Year 2020-2021 from Government leases. Strict collection measures were exercised for all lease areas as the main source of revenue for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment despite the pandemic disruption.

This is outlined in the Ministry’s latest annual report, for the financial Year 2020-2021. In Aleisa the leases collected decreased to $52,526 versus $89,370 in the previous financial year.

In other leases in Tanumalala, the Ministry collected $24,541 while $2,885 was collected from Nu’u; $1.979 from Tiavi, and $32,012 was collected from Lalonaea.

The report also cited a drop in collection from, Moto’otua from $3,200 to $300 for the year under review and similar to Apia Park whereas $600 was collected versus $7,5690 in the previous financial year.

Under miscellaneous leases, the Government collected $1.4 million for the year under review. For reclamations, the MNRE collected $19,580 viruses and $91,00 collected last financial year.

The total lease collection for the financial year 2020 was $1.6 million compared to half a million in the previous financial year.