MOE advertises EPC’s General Manager position


The Ministry of Public Enterprises has advertised the position of the Electric Power Corporation, and the deadline is 29th September 2023 @ 4.00 pm. All applications received after the time and date stated in the advertisement will not be accepted and considered during the shortlisting process.

The position is currently held by Faumui Iese Toimoana since 2020. 

The Electric Power Corporation (EPC) was established in December 1972 and has power coverage to around 98% of the country. The legal mandate of EPC is to sustainably generate, transmit, distribute, and sell electricity to the people of Samoa at the lowest possible cost. EPC is also to deliver optimum energy solutions in a customer-friendly manner through innovative use of all types of energy sources in Samoa, giving first priority to renewable energy. The General Manager is responsible directly to the Board of Directors for: 

  • Provision of quality and professional advice on all matters of the generation, distribution, and selling of electricity supply in Samoa.
  • The professional and economical administration of the Corporation;
  • The efficient and effective administration of all legislation relating to and affecting the Corporation;
  • The prompt implementation of the Corporation and Government policies and directives.