MOH projects the virus will peak in the next four weeks


The next four weeks will be critical for Samoa as the Ministry of Health projects the COVID-19 cases will peak.

This is based on the data of the rolling average of the confirmed community cases said Director General, Leausa Dr Take Naseri during a press conference with the media today.

It has been four weeks since Samoa recorded its community transmission and the rolling average cases since the first week was 94 cases, In the following weeks it climbed to 270 and it’s evident the virus it’s steadily increasing on average wise, said Leausa.

He said the next four weeks would be critical and the Ministry will be able to determine when the virus will peak in the Country.

Adding this is the first time Samoa has experienced the Omicron, and testimonies from people that have COVID that after seven days they don’t feel sick anymore.

Leausa said as of the last 48  hours the Ministry of Health reported 17 people currently in the isolation with two Covid patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

This includes the one-year-old baby girl that recently came out of her induced coma. She has been taken off the ventilating machine and she’s breathing on her own.

“From the beginning, a total of 133 Covid patients were in isolation at the hospital and 104 have been discharged and have recovered.”

Its evident people who have passed and are in critical condition are the elderly people who have existing medical conditions and are unvaccinated said Leausa.

To date, Covid related death cases stand at 10 and the majority are elderly people. The Ministry of Health continues to advise the public to please remain vigilant and take heed of health precautions and restrictions to stay home and isolate if you are feeling unwell, mask up and ensure good personal hygiene.

“A kind reminder, please get vaccinated as vaccination remains the best defence against COVID-19 pandemic.”