MOH recalls Crest Table Eggs as “unsafe for consumption”


The Department of Health has issued a recall on Crest Table Eggs, for use and sale, pursuant to section 21 of the Food Act 2015. 

This was confirmed in a statement issued by Acting Director Genera; Dr Glenn Fatupaitoa, that the following product in the market is known to be “unsafe for consumption and have incorrect labelling of laying dates which is not compliant with the Food Act 2015. 

“As per schedule 6 of the Food Act 2015 for standards of eggs. 


“Eggs have a shelf life of thirty days after laying if stored in a cool area. “The Crest Table Eggs have exceeded the 30 days shelf life. 

“The public, is hereby advised that the recalled food product is expired and found to be unfit for human consumption.” 

The Ministry of Health says the local suppliers, wholesalers, supermarkets, retail outlets, restaurants, and small food businesses are immediately advised not to sell, distribute, or use the products for food preparation with the labelling information stated above.

Furthermore, the Ministry requests the cooperation of all supermarkets, retailers businesses and the public in this important matter.