MOH welcomes news CEO


The Ministry of Health hosted a ceremony yesterday to welcome the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer,  Professor Aiono Dr. Alec Ekeroma. 

Cabinet confirmed Aiono’s appointment in November, six months after the position was vacant the contract for then Director-General of Health, Leausa Dr Take Naseri was up. 

Leausa was at the helm of the Health Sector for close to 10 years and was Director-General for three consecutive terms which consisted of three contractual years for each term.  

“Dr. Ekeroma holds a PhD in Building Health Research and Capacity of Clinicians from the University of Auckland complemented MBA in Health Management and Planning from Keele University, United Kingdom, England.

“He also graduated from the University of Auckland with a Diploma in Obs, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“He has served in various capacities in the areas of Health Care since 1986 and prior to his appointment today had served as Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Samoa.”

The appointment is for three years.

Aiono comes on board in the middle of the financial year.

The Ministry of Health’s budget allocated amounted to $140.44 million.

Among other outputs provided by Third Parties $9,329,934 has been allocated for the National Kidney Foundation; $5,000,000 for the country’s Overseas Medical Treatment; $250,000 for the Non-Communicable Diseases Clinic; $550,000 in total for grants to active NGOs within the sector including the Samoa Red Cross, Samoa Cancer Society, GOSHEN Trust, METI, Agape Clinic and the Samoa Family Health Association; whom are partners in delivering health services.

Key developments for the Ministry for this financial year include: $500,000 tala for emergency response operations under State of Emergency Declaration; $1million tala for refurbishments of rural district hospitals; $1million tala to continue the construction of residences for medical personnel;  $3.9million tala for continuing the programs and initiatives to combat NCDs; $1.5million tala to continue the Returning Graduates Program for health care professionals.