More frontliners tested positive, this time Cops


More frontliners were tested positive for COVID-19, this time its staff from the Ministry of Police and Prisons.

Two Police Officers from the Faleolo Police Outpost, one Correction Officer, and one civilian from the Finance Division of the Ministry of Police were tested positive.

Deputy Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo told Radio Polynesia the two cops were tested positive from the Faleolo Outpost yesterday.

“Today two more of our staff were positive. Now we’re working together with the Ministry of Health in terms of contract tracing, to find others to be tested and isolate them,” he said.

According to the Deputy Police Commissioner, there are several Police Officers certified by the Ministry of Health to conduct the Police’s own rapid antigen testing given they are frontliners.

Adding the four staff members will be taken to isolation, not at their residences but another isolation area for the next few weeks.

The Deputy Police Commissioner said more than 800 sworn n unworn members both Upolu and Savaii including the Correction Officers are part of their operation in the next few days.

They are working 12-hour shifts to assure there is enough manpower to enforce the SOE restrictions.

To date the total number of active Covid-19 cases in Samoa to 196 including 15 active imported cases. This is according to the Government’s latest statement issued around 1 am this morning.

As reported earlier, nurses and doctors are among those that were tested positive as of last week.