More than 100 citations issued for breach of SOE orders on Sunday


On Sunday the Ministry of Police and Prisons issued more than 100 citations to members of the public who breached the State of Emergency Orders. 

“They continue to congregate in large groups and play games including volleyball in the villages.” 

Acting Police Commissioner, Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo confirmed this in an interview with Radio Polynesia.

Noting that despite the state of emergency orders banning the public from being on the road, there are still people driving around, visiting their families as if there is no COVID. 

“It is evident that members of the public are downplaying the seriousness and danger of COVID virus, neglecting the orders stipulated under the SOE. “The Police are not giving any more second chances and verbal warnings,” said Acting Police Commissioner.

Auapaau said five supermarkets and six small shops have been fined since the beginning of the lockdown.

The five supermarkets were fined $5,000 each while the small shops were fined $200.

Some shops were caught selling alcohol to members of the public and this is also banned under the SOE.