More than 800 constituents of Lepa signed a “humble petition” over suspension of their MP


More than 800 constituents of Lepa filed a “humble petition” with the Legislative Assembly. 

It is their belief they are deprived of a voice in Parliament on many important laws that may be introduced during the period of suspension of their Member of Parliament, Tuilaepa Dr Sailele Malielegaoi for a period of 24 months. 

According to the petition, the lengthy suspension of the Member of Parliament Lepa has no voice for the remaining 65% of this Parliamentary Term 2021-2026. 

Lepa residents believe the suspension period is excessive and pray that Parliament revisit their decision on the suspension period that is reasonable and practical, taking into account the relevant decisions/practice on suspension period by other Commonwealth Parliaments mentioned below, so that they can have a say in the discussions and decisions that will affect the lives of the constituents and citizens in the constituency, both current and future generations.

This petition was mandated at the Lepa Constituency Meeting on Friday 28 October 2022.  

The petitions says that Samoa is a representative democracy. Members of Parliament are elected by their constituents and become their voices in Parliament on issues of national importance and on the laws that govern every aspect of their lives.

The MP sits on Select Parliamentary Committees which play an important oversight role on the Executive. There is no one to speak on the development needs of the constituency to persuade the Executive to accord priorities fairly and equitably.

“With respect, the unreasonable suspension period is not affecting our Member of Parliament alone but is unfairly neglecting the voice of the constituency and constituents who are signatories to this petition and also the many Lepa constituents residing around the world.”

The petition cited that Samoa is a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and given the importance of its representation in Parliament, the constituency respectfully regards the suspension period as excessive.

It draws the attention of Parliament to periods of suspension decided against members of the United Kingdom, a country with whom Samoa has established diplomatic relations and most importantly where the laws of the Commonwealth countries including Samoa are derived from. 

“We respectfully appeal under the Samoans customs and traditions through the Matai System, for Parliament’s consideration and understanding, that our constituency has respected the Parliament decision suspending our voice effective 24 May 2022, six months ago. In relation to disciplinary matters in Samoan customs and traditions in village settings, there are chiefs who impose penalties (togisala) and other chiefs who would reduce penalties considering mitigating factors (vaesala).

It is not Lepā’s place to impose our belief but we respectfully leave it the wisdom of Parliament for its understanding consideration.


“In view of the evidence and information shared above, we respectfully pray for Parliament’s understanding that the penalties through suspension of Lepa Constituency voice, we consider excessive. We pray that God’s blessings be upon the Parliament of Samoa and the Head of State. We humbly say, Lepā now rest its voice.”