MP calls for Gov to consider student loan scheme


Member of Parliament, Lupematasila Galumalemana Tologata Tile has called on the government to consider a student loan scheme during Parliament this week. 

He said the main predicament the University continues to face is the delayed payment of school fees and suggested that the Government looks into assisting parents with paying school fees. 

Furthermore, the member proposed that the government implement a student loan scheme to assist parents and students to pay school fees upon the completion of their academic studies. 

His comments were made when Parliament were deliberating the National University of Samoa’s recent annual report that was tabled. 

The HRPP MP says it’s noticeable that students graduating from college tend to become farmers rather than continuing on to the University level due to lack of finance to pursue their education and says the Government to introduce Agricultural Courses in these colleges so these students are able to gain relevant knowledge and understanding on farming. 

Cabinet Minister, Laauli Leuatea Schmidt took the floor and explained that the loan scheme for students is another project included in the manifesto for FAST Party and that the Government continues to consider and review current practices on the best approach to implement such an important initiative. 

He then mentioned the $1 million development fund, which his constituency has set aside 100k to provide scholarships for all University students of his constituency.