MP’s question delay in releasing the remaining of the $1 million tala


Prior to approving the supplementary budget, last night Deputy leader of the Human Rights Protection Party, Fonotoe Lauofo Pierre commended the government on the $1 million tala district development projects citing this program is essential for the country however the issue at hand is the delay in the release of full funding. 

Fonotoe is not the only MP that has commented on this issue.

Cabinet Minister Laauli Leuatea Schmidt said the intention of the Government when rolling out the $1 million tala project, with the overarching aim to instigate development within constituencies.

Adding the project follows the Public Finance Management Act to ensure funds are accounted for and that the utilization of public funds is made transparent.

Furthermore, Laauli said applications for 10 constituencies did not meet certain conditions and requirements, thus funds have been ceased for these constituencies.

According to Fonotoe, there are only five months left of the financial year but have not received the full million and he is concerned that by the time the next million is due, it will be too late to utilize the remaining funds from the previous financial year. 

He also supported the move to audit these developments and requested whether the Audit and Chief controller should audit these financials for transparency purposes.