MV Lady Naomi final trip to American Samoa next week


The MV Lady Naomi service from Samoa to American Samoa will come to an end next week. This was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer of Samoa Shipping Corporation Limited (S.S.C) Leiataualetaua Captain Samuel Decca Phineas. 

Savali reported the MV Lady Naomi has been in service for 24 years and due to wear and tear over the years compounded by increasing maintenance costs a replacement was in dire need.

The Government of Japan responded favourably to a request initiated by S.S.C. for financial support by approving funding of $66.74 million under the ESDP grant aid assistance to build the new MV Lady Samoa IV to replace the ageing MV Lady Naomi.

The new MV Lady Samoa IV is now heading to Samoa and is tentatively scheduled to arrive on 27-28th October.

“Onboard are 6 Samoan Crew members; 2 captains, 2 chief engineers, 1 electrician, and 1 workshop engineer.

“The local crew who travelled over to Japan early this year for training in manning the vessel. 

Assisting manning the new M.V. Lady Samoa IV on her maiden voyage home is also part and parcel of the training for hands-on operational exposure for the Samoan crewmembers.

“MV Lady Samoa IV departed Setoda, Hiroshima Japan on the 08th of October 2022,” says Leiataua.

The replacement vessel was initially expected to arrive in Apia last August this year unfortunately due to safety variations that were required it arrives next week.

According to Leiataua these safety variations were due to different regulations between the NKK classification and the US Coast Guard requirements.

“Yes, all the US Coast Guard requirements are now rectified,” when asked to confirm.

The MV Lady Samoa IV is 48metres in length, boosts and international gross tonnage of 1,130 tons and a capacity of 297 (280 passengers and 17 crew).

Meanwhile, the fate of the M.V. Lady Naomi is up in the air with the S.S.C. Board looking at options which is part of on-going engagement with Japan.