MV Regatta to arrive in Samoa on Saturday


Close to 700 tourists, will soon arrive on our shores to enjoy their first-time experience of Samoa’s hospitality. 

The MV Regatta is bringing in 690 multinational passengers excluding a crew of up to 345 men and women.

Mua’ausa Toleafoa Fiona Talouli, Director of the Samoa Global Shipping, in charge of Logistics and Provisions says, the MV Cruise line Regatta will arrive in Samoa this coming Saturday from Suva Fiji, with tourists from Australia, Canada, the United States of America, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Norway. 

The crew members are mostly from the Philippines, North Americans and Europeans will make a stop at Suva Fiji this week before coming to Samoa. 

Arriving at 9 am Saturday, MV Regatta won’t leave until her twilight light sailing away from Samoa at 7 pm of the same day. 

Heading to the Territory of the United States of America, 80 miles East of here, the next stop, American Samoa. Mua’ausa who is also a member of the Samoa Tourism Board reminds the local tourism sector, to take advantage of the long hours the ship will be in port. 

“Especially the hotel bars, restaurants, handicrafts, beach resorts, vegetable suppliers, fruits and other services. 

“Samoa Scenic will operate Tours of the Day, and usually, go out to the beaches at the South East of Upolu, some to the North West to get sandy feet and to witness the beauty of Samoa away from the town areas, including local food tasting, beach stops and entertainments. 

“The history and all selling of Samoa are usually the responsibilities of the knowledgeable Tour Guides, during the more than eight hours the tourist are under their care.”

Mua’ausa says, there would a be birthday on board and local flowers are being ordered for the occasion, so as pineapples, lady finger banana or misiluki with mangos.   

The next Cruise ship for Samoa Global Shipping would be the Norwegian Spirit on April 6, and the same Ship is scheduled to have Samoa on her end of the 2023 Voyage on December 15th. 

The Oceania Cruise and Norwegian Cruise have decided to leave Samoa in the evenings, and its an opportunity for the Tourists to catch the sunset on our shores, and for the local businesses to claim their shares of blessings in foreign currencies