Nanai: Information has the power to raise nations, overturn governments, and both harm and benefit a service or ministry”.


The Government of Samoa through the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (MPMC) hosted a Zoom Conference yesterday, to brainstorm on strengthening the public sectors’ information sharing capacities using the latest available technologies.

The exercise was a follow-up since the Annual Government Communication Liaison Officers’ Forum held last year February. 

Designed for public servants to enhance and improve the quality of information shared by Government Agencies and stakeholders effectively, efficiently and in a timely fashion, the Forum objectives are;

To further boost professionalism and collegiality amongst public servants; Review the respective roles and responsibilities of a government communication liaison officer;  Establish a Standard Operating Procedure for online sharing network among the Government’s media outlets to guarantee the timely dissemination of factual government information to stakeholders and the general public. 

Effective and timely dissemination of accurate information is vital to the overall operation of any organization or agency.

One of the most crucial parts of any highly efficient response is effective information exchange between the government agencies and their stakeholders, which includes media organizations as well as the general public.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer who is also the acting CEO of the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Afioga Nanai Sovala in his welcoming address reiterated the importance of communication between government agencies, stakeholders, independent media and the general public.

“When it comes to the veracity of the information we deliver, effective communication is critical….Information has the power to raise nations, overturn governments, and both harm and benefit a service or ministry”.

Nanai noted that it is also important for all government agencies to understand the process of producing reliable communication on various platforms, timely information gathering as well as the dissemination to the public including media.

More than thirty Government officials participated this Communication Liaison Offers’ Follow-up forum yesterday, 16th June 2022. The outcome of the workshop will greatly contribute to ongoing efforts by the Government and its various partners in the development of networks and platforms for sharing and disseminating factual information in a timely manner.