New requirements for travel to New Zealand


All air passengers to New Zealand are now required to complete the New Zealand Traveller Declaration online prior to departure.

Travellers can start their declaration up to 28 days before departure.

The new online system requires travellers to upload their contact details, recent travel history and Covid-19-related health information such as proof of vaccination for non-New Zealand citizens.

The New Zealand Traveller Declaration is also required for travellers transiting through New Zealand. The system will assess travellers’ information before they set off, and issue a Traveller Pass by email detailing the steps they need to take to enter New Zealand.

Passengers will need the pass, which will contain a unique QR code, to board their flights, and will also be required to present it at Customs upon arrival in New Zealand. The pass can be printed off or stored on a mobile device.

“Over time, the New Zealand Traveller Declaration system will make processing and assessing travellers’ information faster and easier and help to manage the higher number of travellers expected at our borders. The New Zealand Traveller Declaration will help secure New Zealand’s borders, ” High Commissioner HE Dr Trevor Matheson said.