New Zealand funded oxygen generation plant, operational


Engineers from oxygen generation plant manufacturer Atlast Copco New Zealand travelled from New Zealand to Samoa to train staff in the operation and maintenance of the new plant at the national hospital.

The New Zealand Government confirmed that workers have arrived in Samoa, in a statement.

The workers are commissioned to work on Aotearoa New Zealand’s funded oxygen generation plant at Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital and it is now operational.

The new plant expands Samoa’s oxygen generation capacity from 20-30 tanks a day to as many as 100 tanks a day.

Engineers from manufacturer Atlast Copco New Zealand in Samoa to work on the project.

“After completing their mandatory isolation, they commissioned the plant with the assistance of the Ministry of Health personnel and trained staff in the operation and maintenance of the oxygen generation plant.

Projects like this are part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s efforts to improve the capacity of Samoa’s health system and support Samoa to respond to COVID-19.”

During the measles epidemic, the Samoa Government at times received assistance from the American Samoa Government in importing oxygen tanks to assist with the hospital.